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   Uzbekistan Customs Data
Profiles of Uzbekistan Customs Data (UZCD)

Uzbekistan Customs Data (UZCD) is also called Uzbekistan Import and Export Data, or Uzbekistan Customs Import and Export Data, Uzbekistan Trade Data.

Contents of Uzbekistan Customs Data (UZCD)

There are 22 Columns (fields) in Uzbekistan Customs Data (UZCD): Date, Name of the sender, Net weight in kg, Quantity in an additional unit of measure , invoiced price of the goods USD, Name of the addressee, §3ode of the Uzbek sender/addressee, Country of departure/destination, kind of transport, additional unit, Customs cost of the goods USD, Statistical cost in USD, Digital code delivery conditions, Alphabetic code delivery conditions, Item Delivery, Code type of transport at the border, Code of the basic customs mode, Customs Procedure Code(1), Customs Procedure Code(2), Code of goods HS.

Uzbekistan Customs Data (UZCD) Sample

Uzbekistan Customs Data (UZCD) Sample

Service Process:
1)Please send the information you ask us to service, including 6-digit HS Code, periods you order,
and trade type ( import, export, or import & export);
2)We send sample and quotation via email;
3)We both sides agree on price and service content; We send invoice;
4)After received the invoice we sent, you remit according to the payment route in the invoice,
and send the remittance copy to us via fax or email;
5)After received remittance copy you sent, we send past data in 2 workdays, and send the last-month data
at the end of every future month;

Name: Uzbekistan; (long form) Republic of Uzbekistan
Population: 26,851,195
Capital City: Tashkent (2.2 million)
Currency Uzbekistani Soum (UZS)
Languages: Uzbek (74%), Russian (14%), others
Religions: Muslim, mostly Sunnis (88%), Eastern Orthodox (9%), others
Land Areas: 172,742 sq miles (447,400 sq km)
Land Divisions: 12 provinces, 1 autonomous republic and 1 autonomous city; provinces include: Andijon Viloyati, Buxoro Viloyati, Farg'ona Viloyati, Jizzax Viloyati, Namangan Viloyati, Navoiy Viloyati, Qashqadaryo Viloyati, Samarqand Viloyati, Sirdaryo Viloyati, Surxondaryo Viloyati, Toshkent Viloyati and Xorazm Viloyati. Qoraqalpogiston is the autonomous republic and Tashkent the autonomous city.

Uzbekistan is in both the northern and eastern hemispheres. It's positioned in the Middle East, a recognized geographical region of southwestern Asia. The country is bordered by Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

Uzbekistan gained its independence in 1991, and after a decade of difficult recovery, now focuses on its extensive mineral and petroleum reserves, and the agricultural potential of the Fergana Valley.

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