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   Peru Customs Data
Profiles of Peru Customs Data (PECD)

Peru Customs Data (PECD) is also called Peru Import and Export Data, or Peru Customs Import and Export Data, Peru Trade Data, Peru International Trade Data.

Peru Customs Data (PECD) includes Peru Customs Import Data (PECID) and Peru Customs Export Data (PECED)
Peru Customs Import Data (PECID) contains Peru Importers and Foreign Exporters information.
Peru Customs Export Data (PECED) contains Peru Exporters and Foreign Importers information.
Contents of Peru Customs Import Data (PECID)
Peru Customs Import Data (PECID) includes: Import/Export, 10-digit-HS Code, Product, Month, Importer, Date, Quantity, CIF Value (US$), Unit Value CIF (US$), Provider, Agent, Origin Country, Customs, Port of Shipment, Transport Method, Statistic Unit Type, FOB Value (US$), Freight (US$), Insurance (US$), Gross Weight, Net Weight, Commercial Quantity, Commercial Unit Value CIF (US$), Document Type, Commercial Unit Type, Description, Document Number, Customs Number, Item Number, Clearance Code, Import Declaration Number, HS4, HS2, Year, etc.
Contents of Peru Customs Export Data (PECED)
Peru Customs Export Data (PECED) includes: Import/Export, 10-digit-HS Code, Product, Month, Exporter, Date, Quantity, FOB Value (US$), Unit Value (US$), Agent, Destination Country, Customs, Port of Destination, Transport Method, Unit Type, Net Weight, Gross Weight, Document Type, Item Number, Customs Number, Regularization Date, Shipping Order Number, Export Declaration Number, Document Number, Commercial Description, HS4, HS2, Year, etc.
Peru Customs Data (PECD) Sample
Peru Customs Import Data (PECID) Sample
Peru Customs Export Data (PECED) Sample
Service Process:
1)Please send the information you ask us to service, including 6-digit HS Code, periods you order,
and trade type ( import, export, or import & export);
2)We send sample and quotation via email;
3)We both sides agree on price and service content; We send invoice;
4)After received the invoice we sent, you remit according to the payment route in the invoice,
and send the remittance copy to us via fax or email;
5)After received remittance copy you sent, we send past data in 1 workdays, and send the last-month data
at the end of every future month;

Local Name: Perú (Peru); Formal Name: Republic of Perú(Peru)
Location: South America
Capital City: Lima
Main Cities: Arequipa, Lambayeque, Trujillo, Chiclayo
Population: 23,381,000
Area: 1,285,220 km2
Currency: 1 nuevo sol = 100 céntimos
Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymará
Religions: Roman Catholic

Peru has an abundant supply of natural resources, enormous agricultural potential and some of the most stunning tourism venues on the planet.

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