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   UK Customs Data
Profiles of UK (Great Britain) Customs Data (GBCD)

UK (Great Britain) Customs Data (GBCD) is also called UK Customs Import and Export Data, or UK Import and Export Data, UK Trade Data, United Kingdom Customs Import and Export Data, or United Kingdom Import and Export Data, United Kingdom Trade Data, Great Britain Customs Import and Export Data, or Great Britain Import and Export Data, Great Britain Trade Data.

There are 2 tables In UK (Great Britain) Customs Data (GBCD) respectively for UK (Great Britain) Customs Census Data (GBCCD), and UK (Great Britain) Customs Traders Data (GBCTD).
Contents of UK (Great Britain) Customs Traders Data (GBCTD)
UK (Great Britain) Customs Traders Data (GBCTD) includes: Company Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Address5, Postcode, 8-digit-HS Code, Product Description, Month, year, Import/Export, etc.
Contents of UK (Great Britain) Customs Census Data (GBCCD)
UK (Great Britain) Customs Census Data (GBCCD) includes: Import/Export, 8-digit-HS Code, Product Description, Month, Value US$, Net Weight, Unit Value US$, Partner countries, Regime, Value Euro , Unit Value Euro , Supplementary Quantity, Reporting country, Payment Terms, HS6, HS4, HS2, Year, etc..
UK (Great Britain) Customs Data (GBCD) Sample
UK (Great Britain) Customs Traders Data (GBCTD)
Service Process:
1)Please send the information you ask us to service, including 6-digit HS Code, periods you order,
and trade type ( import, export, or import & export);
2)We send sample and quotation via email;
3)We both sides agree on price and service content; We send invoice;
4)After received the invoice we sent, you remit according to the payment route in the invoice,
and send the remittance copy to us via fax or email;
5)After received remittance copy you sent, we send past data in 1 workdays, and send the last-month data
at the end of every future month;

Name: United Kingdom; Formal Name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Location: Europe
Capital City: London
Main Cities: Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast
Population: 60,943,912
Area: 244,880 km2
Currency: 1 pound sterling = 100 pence
Languages: English, Welsh, Scots, Scots Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, British Sign Language (all official)
Religions: Protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Judaism

The United Kingdom (UK) is arguably Europe's most influential country. In simple terms, it's the union of the individual countries of England, Scotland and Wales, collectively called Great Britain (Europe's largest island) and the northeastern corner of Ireland - the constitutionally distinct region of Northern Ireland.

The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy. Its reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is also the Queen and Head of State of (15) other Commonwealth realms, including Australia, Canada, Jamaica and New Zealand.
With deference to the Roman Empire, and 15th and early 16th century Spain, the British Empire was the world's first superpower, with colonies and dependencies stretching around the globe.
It was the significant factor and strongest ingredient in the development of many English speaking countries, including the United States - its closest ally.

Despite the (global) decline of the British Empire, the United Kingdom remains a consequential force; it's the fifth largest economy in the world,and second largest in Europe.

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