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   Service process
1. Entrusted consulting:Customers by fax, email, telephone or interview methods such as submitted to our consulting content; 

2. Evaluation of quotation :We are after received customer consultation content submitted in a timely manner preliminary research and consulting, and evaluate the workload and difficulty of consulting projects, on the basis of the quotation; 

3. Both sides talks things over :Both sides talks things over, consulting content, completion time, cost, and the mutual rights and obligations; 

4. The signing of the agreement :Both sides agree, the sign the client agreement;

5. Payment for the first time :Customer within three working days after the agreement was signed down payment 70% of the total consulting fee payment, payment on that day will the remittance bottom league fax us; 

6. To carry out consultation :We immediately after the agreement was signed in consulting work; 

7. Submit the report :We submit the consulting report prior to the date of agreement or solution; 

8. The acceptance report :The consulting report submitted after received our the customer (scheme) control agreement acceptance within one week after, if you find the report (solution) is not in conformity with the agreement standard, may require that we fill in two weeks; If again found after acceptance standard is not in conformity with the agreement, the client may requirements that we continue to improve, also can ask our return received consulting fees; 

9. Pay the balance :The consulting report submitted in acceptance of our the customer (solution) the remaining 30% payment within five working days, we are in receipt the invoice the day, and by express mail form by mail to the customer. 

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