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Profiles of Global Suppliers (GS)

Global Suppliers is also called Global Exporters, or Global Providers.

Global Suppliers includes: PRODUCTION NAME, Product Chinese Name, EXPORT COUNTRY, EXPORTER, Address, TelePhone Number, Fax Number, Email, Contact Person, Post Code, Website, etc.
Global Suppliers Sample

Global Suppliers (GS) Sample

Service Process:
1)Please send the information you ask us to service, including HS Code or
Product Name, periods you order;
2)We send sample and quotation via email;
3)We both sides agree on price and service content; We send invoice;
4)After received the invoice we sent, you remit according to the payment route in the invoice,
and send the remittance copy to us via fax or email;
5)After received remittance copy you sent, we send past data in 1 workdays, and send the last-month data
at the end of every future month;
The company :
The product:
HScode :
Demand theme:
Global Suppliers| Service Telephone : 00864000518021 Email:data@tradedata.hk