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Profiles of Global Buyers and Suppliers (GBS)

Global Buyers and Suppliers (GBS) is also called Global Importers and Exporters, or Global Purchasers and Providers.

Global Buyers and Suppliers (GBS) includes: PRODUCTION NAME, ProductChineseName, IMPORT COUNTRY, IMPORTER, Address, TelePhoneNumber, FaxNumber, Email, ContactPerson, PostCode, Wedsite, EXPORTER, EXPORT COUNTRY, etc.
Global Buyers and Suppliers (GBS) contains Global Importers and Partner Exporters information.
Global Suppliers Sample

Global Buyers and Suppliers (GBS) Sample

Service Process:
1)Please send the information you ask us to service, including HS Code or
Product Name, periods you order;
2)We send sample and quotation via email;
3)We both sides agree on price and service content; We send invoice;
4)After received the invoice we sent, you remit according to the payment route in the invoice,
and send the remittance copy to us via fax or email;
5)After received remittance copy you sent, we send past data in 1 workdays,and send the last-month data
at the end of every future month;
The company :
The product:
HScode :
Demand theme:
Global Buyers and Suppliers| Service Telephone : 00864000518021 Email:data@tradedata.hk